What is DevOps & How it Creates A Better Career For Freshers

Before seeing about DevOps we should know that devops software is one of the emerging platforms that is growing in the I.T sector. This platform is providing many job opportunities for freshers. If you are looking to join the I.T sector after completing your graduation then getting into Devops Training In Ahmedabad will be very helpful. Before seeing the career opportunities first we will try to know what is a devops below.

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a combination of two terms one is “Dev” and another one is “Ops”.Here “Dev” stands for the development and “Ops” stands for operations. There is always competition between these two teams in every company.

In DevOps, a single team will be working to manage and control the entire application. Here the Developers and Operations team work together to create a continuous devops workflow. In the production section, DevOps is utilized more and this utilization helps to deliver the results quicker and also in a quality way.

DevOps Phases & Tools :

There are various tools available for the phases in DevOps. They are

  • Planning.
  • Coding.
  • Testing.
  • Building.

Planning :

In Planning, we almost get the source for the client and we can able to start planning the application.

Coding :

After proper planning, we can start writing the coding where multiple coders will write the code. If you are eager to know about how to write the code in DevOps then doing a certification on  Devops Course In Cochin will be more useful.

Building :

After the coding is done building a life cycle is included where it provides.

  • Validation of the applications.
  • Compiling the applications.
  • Packaging the applications and also unit test integrations can also be built.

Testing :

After building the application is deployed on test servers for testing. Different tools are used in building the applications like maven, Jenkin, Ansible, Puppet, and chef.

Benefits of DevOps Training Program :

By joining Devops Training In Trivandrum we can able to get more practical training under the guidance of certified and qualified trainers. The FITA Academy is a training institute that provides certification classes in DevOps in both online and offline mode. After the completion of training, you will be guided with placement coordinators to attend the interviews in the companies.

So by concluding after reading this blog you will be able to know about DevOps completely and also how it creates a better career for freshers too.

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