Scrum Methodology


Scrum is a methodology for addressing complex adaptive challenges while producing and delivering high-value solutions productively and creatively. In this article, I am going to discuss the Overview of Scrum. To learn more about Scrum Methodology join Scrum Master Certification in Chennai that provides you 100 percent placement support.

What is Scrum Master?

Scrum is a simple framework that helps individuals, teams, and organizations create value by allowing them to adapt to changing circumstances. Scrum co-creator Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland created the Scrum Guide to explain Scrum simply and clearly. The definition of Scrum may be found in this guide. Scrum’s accountabilities, events, artifacts, and the rules that link them together are all included in this description.

Scrum Phases:

Scrum stages and procedures are divided into three categories:

  •  Preparation
  •  Game
  •  postgame.

These are not to be confused with the waterfall, spiral, or iterative models. The planning and development phases are included in the waterfall approach. The Spiral causes the acts to repeat themselves. Scrum stages are more useful than other approaches. Every aspiring scrum master should thoroughly learn and comprehend the phases of the Scrum methodology.

Phase 1:

The Preparation is completed with the creation of the list of activities and backlog that should be accomplished for breaking down the composition into smaller user stories to make the outcome. Also, in the sprint backlog stage, user stories are turned into tasks. Are you interested to learn Scrum Planning? Join CSM Training in Pune that helps you to enhance your career. 

Phase 2:

It is where the actual work is accomplished. Each job allocated to the resource is begun and finished here, and the definition of done is used. There are four phases to completing the assignments. The actual work will be done in this phase. Each job allocated to the resource is begun and finished here using the definition of done. The duties are divided into four steps,

  • Create a sprint backlog and then begin developing, testing, and documenting modifications, among other things.
  • Close the project.
  • Organize review sessions.
  • Make the necessary adjustments to the done definition.

There will be a stand-up meeting at the start of this phase, and every team member is required to attend. When work begins after the planning phase, there may be issues or problems that need to be resolved, thus the scrum master or product owner will pause the sprint to accommodate the modifications before restarting the sprint. We encourage that you take the Scrum Master Certification program at StarAgile for your bright future if you want to learn more and explore more. 

Phase 3:

The post-game session is the last scrum phase. The product development phase has concluded, and the goods are now ready for distribution. All of the necessary steps, including testing, integration, training, user manuals, and marketing materials, have been accomplished. 

As you can see, the scrum is more time-oriented than the other techniques. Because time is so important, people do not waste it. To learn more about Scrum methodology join the Scrum Master Certification Online that provides you Placement assistance.


Now it’s time to conclude, learn Scrum methodology because it has good career growth. Join FITA Academy to get training in Scrum master because it provides you best training by the real-time working experts also it provides you course completion Certificate and career assistance. 

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