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Are you seeking for the best AngularJS Training in Tambaram? Join AngularJS Course in Tambaram at FITA to start your career in the Web Development field under the guidance of expert professionals with certification.

AngularJS course in Tambaram Chennai

Course Highlights and Why AngularJS Course in Tambaram at FITA?

Trainers have 12+years of experience in the IT sector and they are professionals working in the leading MNCs.

Excellent lab infrastructure and smart classrooms.
Students receive a wide knowledge about AngularJS framework by the trainers and the students can work on real-time projects.
We have flexible batch timing according to student needs.
We conduct interactive training sessions for the students to clear their doubts with the tutor.
Weekend, Weekday and fast track AngularJS Training in Tambaram.
We provide 100% Placement support with complete training.
Support in Resume Building.

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About AngularJS

AngularJS is also referred to as Angular.js or Angular. It is an open-source javascript framework developed for web applications mainly maintained by the developer’s community of Google and individuals as well. It is built on MVC-Model View Controller which helps to reduce the need for an excess of Javascript to make highly functional web applications.

Features of AngularJS

Data Binding

In an AngularJS application to perform data binding functionality, there is no necessity to write any separate code. We can easily do the data binding by adding a few snippets of code to application data. Also, no extra code is written to bind with HTML control.

Speed and Performance

The Speed and Performance of AngularJS are faster with the help of three things: Code Generation, Code Splitting, and Universal.

Code generation- If you are writing code with the base of AngularJS, it changes your provided template into an optimized code by using a framework.

Universal - For the front end server, still it is dependent on the HTML, CSS and the application uses other services like PHP, Node.js, and .Net.

Code Splitting - AngularJS facilitates the automatic code splitting. Thus, the code is loaded and the new component router loads the angular app quickly. Therefore only that code is loaded which is requested to render the view.

Code Less

A Developer can write code, fewer programs, and can perform many functionalities with the same code. AngularJS has different filters like lowercase, uppercase, and currency, etc. These filters help you to write less code. For formatting the data easily, you can use the filter. Join AngularJS Training in Tambaram at FITAto get expertise in the AngularJS.


Routing permits the switching between views. The AngularJS being a single page application route directive provided by angular and helps a user to navigate from one view to another, but the application will remain single page. It means without reloading the angular application you can switch to different pages in your application.

Enhance your technical skill in AngularJS by joining AngularJS Training in Tambaram at FITA.

Deep Linking

Deep linking permits for bookmarking the web page. Without changing its state the URL saves its pages. Whenever the user requests the required page, it gets displayed in the same state as before.

Not Browser Specific

In AngularJS applications, there are no browser constraints, as they are not browser-specific. Except for the internet explorer 8.0, it can run any of the major browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Android, Safari, and IE8.

Syllabus of AngularJS Training in Tambaram

Control Structures
Loops in Javascript
Operators in Javascript
Angular Versions
AngularJS to Angular 6
Semantic Versioning
Understanding TypeScript
Basic Types
Working with Variables
Working with Arrays
Working with Classes
Node / NPM
Module Bundler 
Working with Declarations in Modules
The Core Module
Shared Modules
Using pipes
Built-in pipes
Custom pipes
The Pipe Transform interface
Power Boost Calculator
Pipes and change detection
Getting familiar with Services
Building a Service
Getting familiar with Dependency Injection
Working with Injectors
Working with Providers
Registering Providers with real-time examples
The Component Router
Defining Routes
Child Routes
Route Guards
Route Resolves
Introduction to forms
Overview of Template-driven forms
Understanding Validations
Introduction to Testing
Unit Testing
E2E Testing & Protractor
Setup Jasmine Framework
Importance of Security
Security in Angular
Sanitize the Dangerous Values
Trusting Values
Change Detection Strategy
Running outside the Zone
Deployment Best Practices

Trainer Profile

At FITA, Trainers are the working professionals in top MNC companies.
Trainers have worked under AngularJS and have knowledge of recent updates in the industry.
Students gain knowledge with relevant industry skills in AngularJS. 
Tutors train the students with Real-time projects to get practical & technical knowledge. 
Trainers give necessary interview tips and resume building skills.

Job Opportunities After Completing AngularJS Training in Tambaram

Career Prospects of AngularJS

AngularJS is one of the flourishing careers to choose from in the present environment. Some of the companies that hire candidates with AngularJS skills are:

Tech Mahindra Ltd
Randstad India Ltd
iGate Global Solutions
Unity Technologies
Major League Gaming
ClientSolv Technologies
Loot Crate
JPMorgan Chase

Roles Offered

Listed below are some of the job profiles offered by the organizations and they are as follows:

Front end developer
Front end web developer
JavaScript developer
Web developer
Web app developer
UI developer
UI engineer
MVC web developer

Remunerations Offered

Based on the survey provided by the, As a fresher, an AngularJS Developer gets an average pay of around Rs 3,00,000 to Rs 4,00,000 per annum.
Candidates with 3-5 years of experience earn Rs 4,50,000 to Rs 6 ,00,000 per annum.
Candidates with 6-8 years of experience earn Rs 7,00,000 to Rs 9,00,000 per annum respectively.

Learn AngularJS Course in Tambaram at FITA under Industry experts to start your career and equip yourself in AngularJS to enter in the professional environment.


AngularJS Certification Training in Tambaram

AngularJS course certification will be provided upon the completion of the course. This certification will make the student get the leading job posts in the MNC companies easily. Certification shows the candidate has a professional qualification to enter in the field.

AngularJS Course in Tambaram

With the help of this certification, you can make a positive impact on yourself during the interview and you can grab the job opportunity with ease. Angular Course Certification makes the candidate as a certified AngularJS developer who has core knowledge in Java scripting and the frameworks. The candidates who are wishing to start their journey as a Developer in AngularJS can take up this AngularJS Course in Tambaram at FITA which leads to a successful path to their career.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

  • We provide a blend of academic knowledge and practical sessions.
  • Well equipped with smart classrooms .
  • FITA offers flexible batch timings for the students and can customize the time scheduling as per their need.
  • FITA is actively running in the training field for more than a decade.
  • It covers the course content syllabus with 60+ hours of training.

Trainers are the certified experts who are working in the top MNC companies. They provide complete subject knowledge and real time projects in the training.

  • FITA has an active placement cell for the students.
  • FITA supports 100% placement assistance to the students.
  • Trainers at FITA provide necessary interview tips and help in resume building.

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