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Course Highlights & Why Big Data Training in Tambaram at FITA?

Big Data classes are handled by professional experts with more than a decade of experience.

Starting from the basics, every concept and techniques involved in Big Data Technology are taught to the students.
Trainers provide regular recaps of previous classes and give tasks to assess them.
Big Data Training In Tambaram at FITA provides Hands-on sessions on hadoop and other big data technologies for better experience.
Market relevant training in hadoop environment is provided.
Weekdays, weekend and fast track batches are available to suit the candidates' needs.
Market- relevant training and support in resume preparation are given to students by FITA trainers.
Provides 100% placement assistance and guidance even after completing the course.

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Big data is a term used to describe a big volume of data. These data are generated from various sources where the majority of it is obtained from social media, sensors and transactions. Since the data generation is from different resources they are not of the same structure, which needs to be refined for further analysis. In today's industrial environment data is the crucial part of any business and the data that is being accumulated is growing more and more. Big data technology is a concept which finds a better way to treat, handle and process this kind of big data. Big Data Training In Tambaram at FITA helps the students to master in Big data and enhance their career opportunity.

Characteristics of Big Data

Volume: This is the major characteristic of Big data. As the name implies, the concept of big data comes into picture if and only the amount of data is large. Practically, the amount of data that is being generated is growing at a faster phase day by day. It is said that exabytes of data are evolving in the industry and there is no sense in focusing on minimal units. Handling this kind of huge data is not easy and here comes the use of technology “Big Data”. 

Velocity: This is the term used to define the rate at which the data is generated. Consider an online purchasing website where a number of people from various parts of the world are doing payments, purchasing orders, and doing a lot more. The amount of data streaming is very high at any point of time. Processing this kind of data is made possible through Big Data Hadoop technique.

Veracity: Veracity implies the genuineness of the data. When data is obtained, it is more essential to diagnose the correctness of data. Presence of noise and error values may cause issues during the analysis and it will in turn affect the result. Thus, the data is first and foremost analyzed for its truthfulness and then only processed for further analytics.

Variety:Data can be structured as well as unstructured, mostly the data would be unstructured and will not fit in the usual rows and columns of traditional database systems. This unstructured data is of different types and from different sources that makes it complex to fit in a format. And this characteristic is considered to be an important attribute of big data technology.

Hadoop Framework

Hadoop is an open source framework which allows to process huge data in a distributed manner across computers. This framework is specially designed to scale up the number of machines to thousands and more. Every machine in the framework will manage its own computation and storage.Hadoop has a master-slave architecture. The master here is referred to as Namenode and slave is referred to as Datanode.

Map Reduce

This is a framework used for analyzing data that is stored in HDFS. The job here is divided into a number of parallel tasks that run on different machines in a distributed environment. 


Hive is a tool that works on top of the Hadoop system for processing both structured and semi structured data. It supports DDL and DML operations, and provides a flexible language like HQL for better querying.


Pig is a platform used for analyzing large data as data flows. It is commonly used with Hadoop and performs all kinds of data manipulation in Hadoop.

Join FITA’s Big Data Training In Tambaram to equip yourselves in all the above aspects of Big Data and its related technology.

Syllabus of Big Data Hadoop Training in Tambaram

What is Big Data
Challenges & Opportunities
Installation and Setup
Mastering HDFS
MapReduce & Mastering MapReduce
Hadoop framework
Big Data Analytics (Pig and Hive)
Mastering HBase
Integration of HBase and Hive
YARN Architecture
Linux Essentials
Data loading (Sqoop and Flume)
Workflow Scheduler -OoZie

Trainer Profile

Trainers at FITA are Big Data Hadoop experts with ample knowledge and 12+ years of working experience in top MNCs.
FITA trainers are updated with recent techniques and tools of big data.
Trainers are working professionals and they train the students with market-relevant skills.
Equip the students by providing hands-on and students are allowed to practice even after the class duration.
Big Data Trainers are amicable to approach and the students can clear their doubts easily with their tutors. 
Trainers guide our students in resume preparation and provide them with necessary interview tips.

Job Opportunities After Completing Big Data Hadoop Training in Tambaram

Importance of Big Data is growing vigorously and it is sure that data will become a crucial part of tomorrow. Thus, people with knowledge in Big Data Hadoop are highly attracted by the employers of MNCs. Following are the few organisations that hire Big Data Hadoop certified candidates.


Roles Offered

Listed below are some of the roles offered by organisation to Big Data Certified candidates

Big Data Engineer
Big Data Architect 
Big Data Analysts
Business Analysts
Data Analysts
Data Scientists
Data Architect
Big Data Administrator
Big Data Tester
Big Data Scientists

Remunerations Offered

On an average, a fresher can earn up to Rs. 3,00,000 lakhs per annum.
Candidates with 2 to 5 years experience are given a pay scale of Rs 4,00,000 to Rs 6,00,000 per annum.
Candidates with 5 to 8 years experience are given a pay scale of Rs 7,00,000 to Rs 9,00,000 per annum.
Highly Experienced candidates are offered more than Rs 10,00,000 per annum.

Join Big Data Training in Tambaram at FITA to learn the concepts and techniques of Big Data Hadoop under experts and begin your dream career.

Big Data Certification Training in Tambaram

Certification is the attestation given to the students after the course completion. It defines their knowledge and ability in the Big Data Hadoop platform. Big Data Hadoop course certification that is provided at FITA is a great tool to make a positive impression in front of the employer during the interview. FITA certification will surely make a difference in your career and help you grab greater opportunities.

Hadoop Training in Tambaram

In today's growing competitive environment, showcasing yourself as a talented worker has become mandatory and getting a certification will surely aid you in making a successful career path. Join Hadoop Training in Tambaram at FITA, learn the subject under expert professionals and get your FITA certification to reach big heights.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

  • We provide a blend of academic knowledge and practical sessions.
  • Well equipped with smart classrooms .
  • FITA offers flexible batch timings for the students and can customize the time scheduling as per their need.
  • FITA is actively running in the training field for more than a decade.
  • It covers the course content syllabus with 60+ hours of training.

Trainers are the certified experts who are working in the top MNC companies. They provide complete subject knowledge and real time projects in the training.

  • FITA has an active placement cell for the students.
  • FITA supports 100% placement assistance to the students.
  • Trainers at FITA provide necessary interview tips and help in resume building.

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