Here in this blog, we describe What are the Features of JavaScript?


JavaScript is a commonly used language. It has many more capabilities when it arises in web development. It is one of the best among other programming languages. Learn JavaScript Training in Chennai at FITA Academy offers career opportunities in web development. Here in this blog, we describe What are the Features of JavaScript?

What are the Features of JavaScript?

It has some features like less weight, effectiveness, interpretation, and more functionality. The main features are there in the following.

Less Weight:

JavaScript is a less-weight scripting language that is made for data manipulation in the browser and has a short set of libraries. It is a great attribute of JavaScript and is solely determined for client-side performance for web applications. 


JavaScript encourages dynamic processing, which involves various kinds of a variable based on the collected value. Dynamic typing includes an array of string types of objects. 

Functional Style:

This program utilizes a practical approach. Each object has a unique type and implements the functional approaches on different platforms. Every function that works with various objects has its nature. 

Independent Platform:

JavaScript is a portable and independent platform. This means that we can just write the script code. This program is available everywhere and anytime. The JavaScript applications include automation tools for anywhere usage. FITA Academy’s  JavaScript Online Course provides certification training with 100% placement assistance.


It is an interpreted language that involves the script written within JavaScript being processed line by line. JavaScript also built the components of the web browsers. JavaScript code is used for compilation with google engine. 

Control in Browser:

JavaScript provides more features for the client side. The features like data saving, automation tools, temporary data preservation using cookies, etc from the browser itself.


JavaScript is used to implement the validation of the client-side. It is available open-source and widely used on many platforms. Broadly used across various websites, each has end-user values and provides authority to enter correct data. Everyone should put proper validations on both the server and client sides. 


JavaScript is a great technology to utilize on network platforms. It has versatile capabilities and also performs across various platforms. Students in Bangalore can also join the JavaScript Training in Bangalore if it looks convenient for them. 

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