Significant Changes & Deprecations In Angular 11

Significant Changes & Deprecations In Angular 11

TypeScript 4.0 Support

The old versions of the angular are compatible with typescript 3.9 only. But the new version of angular 11 supports TypeScript 4.0 to fast up the development.


Angular 11 has enhanced the roadmap. This method speculates the more comprehensive efforts admitting the software engineer to give an immediate response that is to be united into the end release.

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The angular 11 version has fixed the writing for the pipe(date & number). These two pipes will consolidate the millisecond portion to the closest time given. The async pipe would not come back any longer as a value for an unspecified input. This will lead to coding errors.

Browser compatible And Refining

Angular 11 is not compatible with IE 9 and 10, it supports only the IE11 version. In addition, Angular 11 has extracted the IE mobile in angular, obsolete API. Some other functions are included in the deprecated list. 

Angular Universal

In the previous version, the angular community had a component to use absolute URL while performing with SSR. But Angular 11 requires a baseUrl parameter for utilizing absolute URL which cancels the command, hostname, and port.

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View Encapsulation

Angular 11 changelog is made a part of the elimination of the View Encapsulation.Native. Rather, in angular 11, coders are able to utilize ViewEncapsulation.ShadowDom. The ng enhancement will be concurrently included in the existing pages.

Encourage Lazy Loading

The previous versions of angular named outlets continually supported the component. So There is no space to lazy load the module utilizing the named outlet. That was fixed in Angular 11.

Angular Flex-Layout

In angular latest stable version included the updation of the flex-layout module. This enhancement supports the Dev version, and it performs much satisfying for production.

Prompt For Strict Mode

Earlier versions of angular comprise flags – Strict to create an angular software program. In Angular 11, if every strict verify is allowed, end-users should get a prompt to verify if they can run it as shown in the image below. Additional package.json was created in the application folder in previous versions.


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