What are the Core Features of React Native

What is React Native?

React Native owns the number one choice for each mobile application developing management in modern days. Because of JavaScript as the programming language. FITA Academy’s React Native Training in Chennai will be your career establishing course. Here in this blog, we describe What are the Core Features of React Native?


React Native was introduced by Facebook in 2015 and developed by Mark Zukerberg. In recent days every mobile development industry is having demand with React Native and is implementing the actual information for mobile application development. 

What are the Core Features of React Native?

Anyware Usage:

React Native is a beneficial framework for developers for multiple speculations. It provides specific code for each development platform like iOS, Windows, and Android. This framework is slightly referred to as a primary framework. Each code is widely used on numerous platforms. 

Strong Association:

React Native can admit access to the best association assistance in the phase of various mobile application development platforms. This framework also has huge support from the developer broadly. 

Performance with Mobile Ecosystem:

The performance with a mobile environment is very simple with the help of React Native. It provides features and components for designing the mobile application development and also assists the developer to enhance the application process. It also provides tools and technologies for the application development process. FITA Academy provides the best React Native Online Course certification with 100% placement assistance.  


React Native does require less time for its application processing while compared with others. It is the best Hybrid mobile development application and helps the developer to save time and money.

Effective Cost:

React Native very useful benefit is that we do not want to reproduce the codes on multiple platforms. Each code is highly reusable and performable on various application platforms. React Native’s overall cost is around 40%, and it is highly effective in its performance. React Native is completely active and has huge rendering capacities. 


In conclusion, React Native structure has been properly formulated and accomplished the aim of establishing a mobile application with high-quality performance. React Native Training in Bangalore provides real-time projects with practical approaches. 

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