Purpose of Journalism

What is Journalism?

Journalism is the preparation, collection, and distribution of news-related commentary and components like electronic media or print as magazines, newspapers, blogs, books, podcasts, webcasts, social media sites, social networking, e-mail, motion pictures, television, and radio. It is easy and simple to learn. Enroll at FITA Academy for the best Journalism Course in Chennai and learn from an expert in that field. Here in this blog, we describe the Purpose of Journalism.

Purpose of Journalism:

Informed citizenry:

  • The main purpose of journalism is to ensure the political and social structure of well-informed citizens. The American sociologist Herbert J. Gans says the news, media, political imbalance between economic, political citizens, and other groups.
  • Journalism theory of democracy is entirely based on the idea which an informed citizenry will be an active citizenry. This also faces the consequences related to a democratic society. 

Information Media:

Another goal of journalism is to educate people about all facets of media. It informs students concerning all the new developments in technology and also helps them to bring their writing skills to generate real publications via newspapers, television, radio, and programs. 

Focuses on People Problems:

Journalism also brings out the people’s problems, issues, and circumstances through newspapers, media, and radio publications. FITA Academy’s Journalism Training in Chennai offers certification training with 100% placement assistance. 

Promotion of Multiple Approaches:

  • Journalism supports professional ideals and ideology in order to convey a multi-perspectival strategy. Journalism guides citizens about the government’s political type, political-based activities, and beliefs. It provides multiple approaches for all the citizens. 
  • It contains all the important perspectives from the people with various values, earnings, interests. A multiple approaches means documenting all thoughts, which could determine the problems and issues even though the thoughts come from small ideological groups. 

Online Journalism:

  • Web technology has supported the traditional safeguard operations of journalism by offering journalists effective ways to analyze deeply for additional information. 
  • The ability to explore documents, collect historical and background context, and identify traditional authorities have extended the reporter’s toolbox. It also presented a diverse culture created on interactivity, rules, and limits.


The journalism may be delightful, fascinating, and designate the news feed. Journalism is helpful in better understanding the latest news updates. Journalism Certification Course in Chennai provides real-time projects with practical approaches. 

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