What Is The Future Of AI? Know About Its Scope & Ideas

Introduction :

At present, we are overcoming four major revolutions in the current era. The first revolution happened when the steam engine was introduced, and the second occurred when electricity was introduced, the third with information technology, and the Fourth one was Artificial Intelligence. The ai engineer jobs are most in-demand nowadays. If you want to become an AI Engineer, then you need to enrich your knowledge by joining Artificial Intelligence Course In Bangalore and doing a certification there will be more helpful.

Evolution of AI :

Artificial Intelligence is the one that makes the revolution in the machines for learning experience by giving few inputs and performing the human’s tasks. The growth and evolution of AI are one the chain type process. Before will look at the future of AI, let’s look at some creative innovations which have been made by AI in the past.

Beginning of AI Revolution :

In the late ’90s, many scientists started to understand about AI concepts. There were a lot of new innovations that helped to sharpen the basic knowledge of artificial intelligence among people. Below we will look at some of the innovative innovations in the field of AI.

  • 1950 – Programming Computer for Playing Chess
  • 1950 – Industrial Robots.
  • 1960 – ELIZA (An interactive computer program)
  • 1970 – WABOT-1(anthropomorphic robot

Recent AI Innovations :

In the current decade, there are a lot of innovations in AI. AI has become one of the daily parts of humans’ life. People use smartphones with voice assistance, and also, the computer has the presence of the Artificial Intelligence field. Below we will look at some of the achievements of AI in this decade. But before that, if you intend to learn about Artificial Intelligence, then taking AI Training In Bangalore will be helpful.

  • 2010 – ImageNet launched the Large Scale Visual Recognition Challenge.
  • 2011-  Apple invented SIRI.
  • 2014- Microsoft released Cortona
  • 2016 – A human Robot
  • 2018 – BERT was invented by Google.

Future of AI :

In recent years, AI has developed the world with its unique findings. one of the sample concepts of this was voice assistance in AI. Before looking into the future elements, if you want to become an AI Engineer and intend to learn about it, then taking a certification on AI Courses In Bangalore will be helpful.

Future Elements in the Future of AI :

  • Medical Diagnosis.
  • Financial Services.
  • Transaction & Linguistics.
  • Sports field,
  • Shopping.

Conclusion :

So with the help of this blog, we would have come to know about Artificial Intelligence, its future scope and its innovative ideas. If you intend to learn about the concepts of AI and want to get a job in that field, then going for FITA Academy will be useful, where they also offer Artificial Intelligence Interview Questions and Answers which helps the students to crack the interview easily.

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