What is Spring Framework and how the Framework works?

Spring is a powerful application development framework, it is used for Java Enterprise Edition. This framework can support different frameworks like Struts, Tapestry and Hibernate, EJB, JSF. Here in this Article, we discuss What is Spring Framework and how the Framework works?

The framework in a more general sense can be described as a structure, which can solve many technical problems. The Spring Framework is a complete tool for maintaining applications using the Java programming language.

Spring can manage the infrastructure so you can concentrate on the application. To learn  Spring Training in Chennai, Join FITA Academy as one of the best leading institutions.

Features Of Spring Framework

Light Weight 

Spring framework is so lightweight framework and it is concerning size and clearness.

Inversion Of Control 

Here in this Spring Framework, loose coupling is performed using the conversion of Control. The articles provide their dependencies rather than building or looking for dependent objects.

Aspect-Oriented Programming

Spring Framework can support Aspect-Oriented Programming and Permit cohesive development.


Spring Framework can develop and controls the life cycle and form of application objects.

MVC Framework 

Spring Framework is also known as the MVC web application framework. This framework is configurable via accommodates and interfaces multiple view technologies.

Transaction Management

The Spring framework can provide a generic abstraction layer. It is not tiring to the J2EE environment and it is used in container-less environments.

JDBC Exception Handling

The JDBC layers of the Spring Framework can allow an isolation hierarchy, It can explain the error handling strategy.

Is Spring easy to learn?

Java Spring is easy to learn as the entire Spring framework is created to work with POJOs rather than depending on specific interfaces abstract classes, etc.

Why Spring Use in Java?

  • Works on POJOs, It makes your application lightweight.
  • Affords templates for Hibernate, JDBC, JPA to reduce the efforts of writing too much Code language.
  • Because of dependency injection features, the code becomes loosely coupled.
  • Using this framework, the development of JEE application became faster.
  • The framework provides the abstraction to the specification of Java Enterprise Edition.
  • The Framework declarative support for the validation, transactions, formatting, and caching.

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