This blog explains What Is Networking And Internetworking Devices. A network can be defined as having two or more systems connected in order to exchange resources or transfer files. The two most popular types of networks are LAN and WAN. To get deep knowledge of CCNA network fundamentals, stick with CCNA Course in ChennaiIt offers basic to advanced levels of CCNA network fundamentals. 

Learn about the distinctions between WAN and LAN

Based on the OSI layer 3 i.e. the Network layer, is accountable for networking. The layer is in charge of progressing packets and routing via intermediate routers and identifying and localhost domain communications for the transportation layer 4 as well as other functions.

The network works by combining peripherals and systems with two equipment that comprises switches and routing. If two computers are attached through the same network and there is no requirement for a layer of the network.

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Internetworking Devices that are used in a network

In order to connect to the internet, we need a variety of internetworking devices. The most common devices that are used to develop the Internet are.

  • Network Interface Card: NICs are circuit boards printed with circuitry that is put on workstations. It is an actual connection that connects the computer to the network cable. While NIC operates on the physical layer within the OSI model It is also regarded as a data linking device. One of the functions of NICs function is to transfer information between the workstations and the network.
  • Hubs: Hubs can help in extending the length of the network cable system by amplifying the signal then re-transmitting the signal. These are also multiport repeaters and do not care about information at all. The hub connects workstations and transmits an email to all workstations that are connected to it.

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  • Switches: Switches are utilized to bridge in the event of need. It is now the most popular method of connecting networks since they are quicker and more efficient than bridges. They are fitted of transferring information to particular working stations. Switches permit each workstation to send data over the network without regard to other workstations. It’s similar to the modern telephone line which allows for private conversations to occur simultaneously.
  • Routers: The purpose of the router is to route data in the most cost-effective and efficient route to reach the device. They function at Network layer 3 which means that they communicate using an IP address, and not the physical (MAC) addresses. The routers link two or networks, for example, the Internet Protocol network. Routers can connect different types of networks like Ethernet, FDDI, and Token Ring.
  • Brouters: They are an amalgamation of bridges and routers. Brouter serves as a filter that allows certain data to be inserted into the local network and then redirects data that is not known to the network that is.
  • Modems The HTML0 modem can be described as a device that converts computer-generated digital signals from a computer to analog signals that travel through telephone lines.


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