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What is Informatica?

Informatica is an ETL tool that is used to extract, transform, and load all kinds of databases. In recent days Informatica is used as the data integration tool. Informatica Training in Chennai offers unique training in ETL tools under the guidance of experienced mentorship.

What is an ETL tool?

ETL tool is working on the data warehousing concept. It extracts the data from various data sources such as a mainframe, RDBMS, Flat Files, XML, VSM, SAP.

In which situation do we need to apply the Informatica ETL tool in real-time business?

Informatica is an organization that provides various data integration products like data replica, master data management, data virtualization, etc. But the most commonly used data integration tool is ETL. It simplifies the data fetching from different resources.

Look out the cases, when the organization approach Informatica ETL software:

1.If an organization decides to transform into a new database system from existing database software. They approach the ETL tool.

2.If an enterprise plans to set up the data warehouse for monitoring productivity. ETL software is used in that case.

3.Informatica ETL tool offers precise data cleansing services, If a company maintains an inaccurate or erroneous record, the ETL tool will detect the imperfect data and remove it.

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Features of Informatica ETL Tool

parallel processing

It is a computation concept. ETL runs on these parallelism concepts. Two major parallelism types are listed below.

  • Creating smaller data files from a single large data file.
  •  The pipeline permits various components to work concurrently on the same data.

Data Reuse, Data Re-Run, and Data Recovery

Each data array has a row id, and each phase of the process has a run id, so the user may keep track of the data using these IDs. Checkpoints have been set up to indicate that certain stages of the process have been completed. These checkpoints indicate the need to restart the query to complete the task.

3.Visual ETL

Advanced ETL tools such as PowerCenter and Metadata Messenger help you create structured data that is fast, automated, and highly impacted to suit your business needs.

You can develop a handmade database and metadata modules with a drag and drop mechanism in a solution that automatically configures, combines, extracts, changes, and loads on your target computer.

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