Salesforce is an important CRM Tool which is commonly called as a Customer Relationship Management Tool that provides task management and case management interfaces to handle different types of events. Salesforce provides a numerous set of services such as PaaS, SaaS, etc. Here are some of the uses of Salesforce, they are as follows:

Provides different integration services

Salesforce helps to fulfill the different types of requirements needed by the organizations and it has the ability to integrate numerous customer services supported with CRM applications to increase the service quality and maintain customer satisfaction. The requirement of a product depends upon the client or product application.

Understand the customer interests and perception

 The Salesforce tool is much more useful to process the information by extracting meaningful data from customer data sets. The data can be summarized into various types of representations namely Bar Graphs, Pie Charts, Graphical forms, Tabular or Pictorial forms. These methods are applied to understand the customer’s perception of the products and services. Salesforce Training in Tambaram at FITA trains the students with important concepts and tools used in the Salesforce.

Integrating different Social networking platforms

The data from different social networking sites can easily be integrated and data reports can be generated easily and can be understood at the instance to identify the customer insights. The data will be analyzed in different ways of extracting data and visualization forms.

Increase sales by tracking Customer Interaction:

Customer service management is integrated by customer interaction with the help of Salesforce and by knowing the customer’s interests, the growth of the business can be improved easily.

Enhance customer service and experience

By using the Salesforce tool, handling several types of information and customizing the data as per the requirement is easier. The processor feature of the salesforce tool does not need any coding or programming and it just requires to drop or drag features which makes the process much simpler to operate.

Regain the old customers

Salesforce paves the way to regain the old or inactive customers by offering discounts in the cloud services or any other services which makes them re-join potentially.

Has greater community support:

Salesforce makes great community support as it has a team of expert knowledgeable professionals who actively involves solving complex issues, managing the data and having a higher learning passion.

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