Types of Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

There are as various specializations within digital marketing as there are methods of communicating applying digital media. There are a few key examples, however, of what Digital Marketing specialists approach their work. Join Digital Marketing training in Chennai at FITA Academy. It is a large career platform. Here in this blog, we describe the Types of Digital Marketing.

The following are the most common types of digital marketers

Types of digital marketing

1. SEO- Search Engine Optimization

2. SMO- Social Media Optimization

3. PPC-Pay per Click

4. E-commerce -Selling goods online

5. Seo copywriting 

Seo- Search Engine Optimization:

The first task of Seo is to optimize the web content to make sure that it could be easily found by the search engines when any keyword (a bit of word or combination) is used in the search window.

Seo also provides information about the website which makes it easy for Google to decide how important it is, and thus decide its ranking.

SEO helps in the improvement of the visibility of a website by implementing strategies for promotion on search engines like Google, Yahoo! etc. Join Digital Marketing Online Course from your home desk at FITA Academy affords you with in-depth knowledge about Digital Marketing.

SMO- Social Media Optimization :

SMO is a technique used to grow and engage a user’s network and audience through social media sites. It uses techniques such as posting interesting and useful content, maintaining regular contact with followers, and building trust. SMO helps in gaining more traffic, leads, and customers for the business.

Ppc-Pay per Click:

PPC is a kind of Online Marketing Strategy where the client pays for bringing traffic to his website. The client has to pay only when the visitor completes an activity like filling an online form or downloading a free e-book or webinar etc. PPC is very friendly in use but needs proper management to get desired results.

E-commerce -Selling goods online

Ecommerce is the marketing and transfer of goods and services over the Internet. It is managed over computers, Smartphones, tablets, and different smart devices. 

There are three main types of e-commerce

  1. Business-to-Business
  2. Business-to-Consumer
  3. Consumer-to-Consumer

Seo copywriting

Seo Copywriting is very important in Digital marketing because when the content is not given importance in this method, one will not get desired results. Content should be unique content, thick content, and plagiarism-free content.

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