Top Tips From Experts On IELTS Speaking Test

Introduction :

If you are a fresher in this, you may fear taking the IELTS speaking test. But if you come across IELTS speaking tips and tricks, then you will not have a fear of appearing for the exam. If you are looking for personal guidance to prepare for the exam, then taking IELTS Coaching In Bangalore and doing a certification out there will be helpful. Below we will look at some top tips from experts on taking the IELTS speaking test.

For Both IELTS paper and computer tests, three sections come under the face-to-face test. By understanding these three parts or rounds in-depth then, you may be able to prepare well.

Round 1

The 1st round consists of a small conversation test with an IELTS examiner on describing yourself. Generally, the following are the topics which are discussed in the round.

  • Work
  • Family
  • Home Life
  • Personal Interest.

Round 2

Here you need to choose a topic where you have one minute to prepare for the notes on the subject. Here you will be provided with a pen and paper for making your response then you need to speak on the topic of what you have prepared. To prepare for these rounds taking Best IELTS Coaching In Bangalore will be helpful.

Round 3

This is the last round, where you will discuss with the examiner for the topics you got in round 2. Here you need to discuss more and also in-depth about the topic you are provided. This round takes around 5 mins to complete.

Top Tips To Prepare For IELTS Exam :

1.Don’t Memorize answers :

You should not mug up the answers. This will be applicable mainly in round 1. Memorizing the answers will not help the examiner to judge about your way of speaking.

2.Dont use unfamiliar words :

You may think that using unfamiliar and big words will quickly influence the examiner, and they may get attracted. But to be safe, you should not use words which you are unfamiliar with it. Using them without practice has a high chance of making mistakes, which may affect your final band score.

3.Use grammatical structures :

You can use grammatical structures with the help of complex and simple sentences.

Conclusion :

So, in conclusion, these are some of the common tips which are given by experts for those who are taking the IELTS speaking test. If you are intended to prepare for the exam with proper guidance, then taking IELTS Training In Bangalore at FITA Academy will lead you in the correct way.

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