The Important benefits and features of Talend

Talend Open Studio is one of the good Open-Source ETL tools for Big data and Integration. Talend is an Eclipse-based developer tool. Drag the elements and join the element to design and manage the ETL tool. The Java code will generate by the machine for the job automatically. Here in this article, we described The Important benefits and features of Talend. FITA Academy provides the best Talend Training in Chennai. Join Talend Course in Chennai and learn with the help of well-experienced Instructors.

There are several possibilities to join in Data Source like Excel, RDBMS, Data ecosystem, and the app technologies like SAP, CRM, and more.

The Important benefits of Talend Open Studio

  • All features will be provided for data integration and synchronization with 900 elements, changing jobs, built-in connectors to the Java code automatically, and much more.
  • The tool is free, so there is a big cost saving.
  • Several giants companies have chosen TOS for Data integration, it reveals a great support part in this tool.
  • The Talend status for Data Integration is very active.
  • Talend will add points to the tools, the documentations are well structured and very simple to understand.

Features of Talend

Talend Open Studio for Data Integration has several useful tools, it can gather data from different file formats and arrange for different Intelligence tools, which are used for direct mail marketers.      

Several datasets like spreadsheets, which can be normalized and converted into a regular format it can be managed in a primary database. It will implement a product of features like automatic identification of data samples and potential mistakes.

Graphical conversion tools

The main features of Talend Open Studio can give a nearly easy-to-use graphical tool for planning the data and developing and loading it into a database.


Visually graphing data is not the basic function of the Talend Open Studio Data Integration. One of the best features is capable to map results into a graphical output like a bar chart.   


Talend Open Studio gives several techniques for changing data into many successful Business Intelligence forms.

These include the following:

  • OLAP
  • SPSS
  • Splunk
  • Jasper.

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