The architecture of Selenium WebDriver

The architecture of Selenium WebDriver 

What is Selenium?

Selenium is an open-source free tool. It is an automated testing sequence for web forms beyond various browsers and platforms, selenium concentrates on automating web-based forms. Testing used for the selenium tool is referred to as selenium testing. You can choose Selenium Training in Chennai at FITA Academy, and learn advanced about Selenium Testing. Here in this blog, we described The architecture of Selenium WebDriver.    

Test scripts are written in different programming languages like Python, Java PHP, Ruby, Perl. They can execute any operating system like Linux, Mac, Windows.  

The architecture of Selenium WebDriver 

The architecture of Selenium WebDriver includes four principal elements as listed below:

  • Selenium client libraries
  • JSON Wire Protocol over HTTP client
  • Browser drivers
  • Browsers

Selenium Client Libraries

Selenium can make it simple for experts to perform browser automation with any programming language script. The libraries can behave as a translator among test scripts and Selenium.   

The Greatest Selenium unions propose to assist in the following:

  • C# Selenium testing
  • Java Selenium testing
  • Python Selenium testing
  • Ruby Selenium testing
  • JavaScript Selenium testing
  • PHP Selenium testing

JSON Wire Protocol over HTTP Client

Selenium allows examiners to automate the method of browser testing. Applying Selenium WebDriver experts can quickly automate the browser can communicate the famous web browsers including google chrome, safari, Opera, etc. You can enroll in Selenium Online Training, at FITA Academy from your home desk with the help of well-experienced tutors. 

Browser Drivers

Each browser has its drivers, that can manage the actions which take place in the browser. The tester can automatically perform Selenium test scenarios. The browser operator handles the HTTP server to transfer the individual feedback in the HTTP protocol.

The browser operators the most common browsers:

  • OperaDriver
  • EdgeDriver
  • FirefoxDriver
  • SafariDriver
  • ChromeDriver


Selenium WebDriver enables testers to cooperate with various web browsers, including Microsoft Edge, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and more. This self-regulation tool assists in operating browser trials on the wanted web application. If you want to connect direct interaction sessions. You can choose Selenium Training in Bangalore at FITA Academy and gain more knowledge in Selenium WebDriver Architecture. 

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