Tips Of IELTS Listening Multiple Choice Questions

IELTS Listening – More-than-one option questions are the difficult portion of this segment. You should identify the right way to face the Listening MCQs task.

Some More-than-one option questions might require you to pick more than one answer from different choices.

This exercise concentrates on IELTS listening multiple choice questions tips and shows all kinds of different options Puzzles, a few general mistakes, and necessary tips. To have a good hold on this region of the IELTS Listening exam, go through all of the points.

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  • 3 Types of more than one option Questions
  • Steer clear off Some usual Errors of Listening MCQs Task
  • IELTS Listening different more than one Required Tips
  • ideas of more than one option IELTS Listening Questions

3 Types of Multiple Choice Questions

The first is a short more than one option question. You will get a statement and a few options to select from.

You demand to pick the correct letter (option).

For example, Q. Train is going to 

A. Rajasthan B.Chennai C.Kerala

Pick A, B, or C as your answer

The second type is sentence completion questions. You will get a sentence and you have to complete it with the mentioned option.

For example Q. He was rusticated because A. he was playing the game on his mobile.B. he disrespected his class teacher C. he was not attending his classes

Select A, B, or C as your answer

In this, you will receive a sentence, and you require to equal this to one of the various pictures.

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Avoid Some Common Mistakes of IELTS Listening MCQs Task

  • Listen to all the options/choices before selecting the correct answer.
  •  Frequently, you would receive answers in the structure of synonyms or paraphrases. Don’t look for exact matches.
  • Look for keywords; otherwise, all the choices may look similar to you.
  • Try to underline the keywords in the questions and speed up your reading skills.

IELTS Listening Multiple Choice Essential Tips

  • Highlight the keywords as soon as you listen to the recording.
  • Don’t consume more time to answer one question.
  • Be careful of the words like ‘but’, ‘however. These words can slightly change the meaning.
  • Your answer will be often a letter and not a word. Read the instruction clearly.
  • Think of synonyms or paraphrases that you might hear in the recording.

Ideas Of IELTS Listening Multiple Choice Questions

  • Try to read the instructions carefully.
  • Go through the questions and make an effort to know what is being asked.
  • Highlight the keyword.
  • Think of a synonym or paraphrase.
  •  When listening, listen to the keywords or synonyms.
  •  Predict your answer and keep listening to the audio to confirm. 

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