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There are various reasons to plan the human resource for the organization like to fulfill the requirement of manpower in the organization, labor turnover, etc. Planning aid the management to identify the sources of recruitment in the organization and select the best candidate for the organization. Through planning, management can recruit a suitable candidate for the vacant job and evaluate his performance by conducting the test and interview. Learn HR roles and responsibilities through HR Course in Chennai. The following points depict the reasons for human resource planning:

  • Design recruitment and training: This is a crucial step in manpower planning, the HR department plans the recruitment and training process in the organization. Through this process, management identifies the skills of the employees and instructs the employees according to the job. HR department facilitates the organization by supplying suitable candidates for the organization. By this process, management will be able to know about the capability of the employee.
  • Allocate the job to the suitable candidate: Planning helps the management to allocate the suitable job to the capable person b which there is no chance of error in the task. Through proper planning, the manager will be able to recognize the capabilities of the candidate and allow him the suitable task. HR Training in Chennai arranges the best HR training programs under the guidance of experienced professionals.
  • Maintain a suitable working environment: Proper planning assist the management in maintaining a good working environment in the organization. The manager is responsible for ensuring that the organization’s working environment is evolving and that all employees have the opportunity to advance.
  • Maintain the good public relation: Proper planning assist the management in maintaining the good public relation with the customers. The organization designs the policies and strategies to create quality relations with the customers and outsiders.
  • The implement of the action plan: The organization draws the action plan to manage the manpower in the organization. The plan states that unwanted employees should be removed or fired or voluntary retirement and in the case of deficit HR department should hire the candidate in order to fulfill the vacant seats.
  • Monitor, control, and feedback: This is the last stage of the planning process in this process HR manager monitors the performance of the action plan and keeps an eye on eye on the future of the requirement of manpower in the organization.

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