Want to know about the German language? Here are some of the five surprising facts about German and they are as follows,

German is the most spoken language in Europe.

The German language is one of the most widely spoken languages around the Globe. It is spoken by more than 100 million people in Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and in parts of Italy and Belgium. In Europe, it is the first common mother-tongue for most people. Even in other countries, there is a large demand for the German language.

English and German are sister languages

German and English are said to be the sister languages. When English Speakers learn the German language, they can find many words that are similar in both languages. There are some words in German that look and sound the same as in English but they have totally different meanings. For example, the German word ‘gift’ means Poison, whereas in English it means the Blessing or Present.

Every noun has a gender

In the German language, we have three genders they are: Masculine, Feminine, and Neuter. For those who are starting to learn this language will really be confused. Historically it created a headache for learners. To avoid these confusions and to have a better understanding of the language, Join German Classes in Tambaram Chennai and learn the language efficiently under working professionals.

Time is counted with respect to the next hour, rather than the previous one

In German, if someone tells you the time as Half four, you might take it as 4:30 but it is wrong, the time is reported by counting the minutes to the next hour. So Half four means there is half an hour to reach four, in other words, it’s 4:00.

All nouns are capitalized

In German, all nouns are capitalized. If you ever read German Newspapers or Magazines, you might be confused because in the German language all nouns are written with capital letters.

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