Reasons Learning German Is Easier Than You Think

You may think learning German is more difficult or You had faced some failures in learning German on your own. Difficult is a common relative for everyone. For every subject you can identify difficult about German, some German peculiarities make it extremely more comfortable for English speakers to learn. All the below features will benefit learners regardless of their mother tongue. Know the top Five Reasons Learning German Is Easier Than You Think german with the support of German Classes in Chennai

German Has Phonetic Spelling

We can guess the german voicing sounds. Once you know what sounds or combinations of letters mean, you will get an idea that how to spell new words perfectly without hearing those words or memorizing how they sound.

And also, the Majority of German sounds are already well known or familiar to English speakers, even though they are intermittently represented by various letters or spellings than English. For example, look at the sounds the following characters make.

= “b” and d = “d” (Baden)

= ts” (Zahn)

All Nouns Are Capitalized.

Attempting to shortlist the nouns from the sentence is easier to learn all languages. Fortunately, we are able to spot nouns in german sentences easily because all nouns are capitalized. 

To know more about the german learning techniques and learn german easily, step into the Online German Language Course at FITA Academy they offer more tutorial videos by german language scholars. 

German Holds One Present Tense

Most languages contain two or more tenses that expose the present moment. with the exception of the simple present tense (I play), English also comprises the present continuous tense (I am playing) and an important present (I do play). But In German, there is only one way to expose these three things: Ich spiele

.The Present Tense Also Represents Future Moments

Separate future tenses are not in the german language. speakers use only the present tense when expressing future things. Therefore You can receive by in the German language in most situations without applying the future tense.

German Holds One Past Tense For Informal Usage.

German express the one present perfect to describe every activity or event that happened in the past.

Ich fahre Auto mit meiner Familie.

I drove a car with my family.

I have driven a car with my family.

You could learn to identify many of these forms.


The above features include in german language. These features will help that how to learn german easily in a short duration. if you want to migrate or start doing higher studies in Germany, you can stick with German Classes in Coimbatore, they improve your accent with the help of certified german scholars.

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