Cucumber with BDD process

Why we Should Use Cucumber in BDD Process?

A cucumber is a software tool that facilitated the BDD Process. It is used to automate the documentation. It understands the documentation and turns it into an automated test. FITA Academy offers the best Cucumber BDD Online Training through industry experts.

Different Roles and Responsibilities in a BDD process

BDD is about team sharing and collaborations. BDD team or in any other software team you will find some roles like a product owner. they will be a representative from the development team, the testing team, the solution architect, operations, and the networks team. Now, all the teams and all the roles are very important in a BDD process as it is all about team collaboration.

Let us first start with the three amigos 

A representative from the business team who can be a business analyst or a product owner then they will be a representative from the development team and a testing team.

Business Team

In business team, business analyst or a product owner and he defines the problem and the requirements so he’s the person who talks with the business owner or the stakeholders of the application and takes their requirements as in what changes they need what new features they need and what are their requirements. 

Then he documents these requirements, creates examples and user stories that can be discussed with the rest of the team so this is the business role or the business analyst and product owner. 

Development Team

The development team representative and the developer decide on the solution. the technical solution and how it will be implemented and the developer defines the code addition or the changes and then finally the development team writes and implements the code.

Testing Team

Tester decides the solution on testing. how the solution will be tested and then the testing team decides on the scenarios. what needs to be covered, what testing needs to be done, what are the impacted modules, and what all modules have to be covered.

Finally, the QA or testing team writes and executes the tests so these are the three amigos.

BDD is all about teams and sharing so all the roles, all the other roles are very very important in our BDD process.

So let us see some other roles

Solution architect Team

Solution architect works closely with business and developer teams and is responsible for analyzing the technical requirements and then suggesting the technical solutions environment technology stack. so all this is done by a solution architect.

The operations team 

It is a very important team that takes care of the infrastructure servers and deployments and then the networks team. who takes care of implementing and maintaining the network supporting, developing, and designing communication networks within an organization.

Sometimes, a single team takes care of networks and operations and is called a netops team. so all these roles and all these teams are very important in the BDD process. BDD with Cucumber Online Course teaches about complete concepts of the BDD process and how to implement cucumber in BDD.

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