Difference Between LoadRunner and JMeter


Loadrunner is a widely used software application developed by HP. It is developed for the testing process, which identifies the difficulties and risks in the creation of web applications. The software is utilized to rectify earlier problems before the implementation of a new application. FITA Academy’s LoadRunner Training in Chennai provides real-time projects with practical examples. 


JMeter is an open-source software testing tool developed by Apache and allows users to utilize it on their web applications. It is also used to enhance the functionality of web applications. Here in this blog, we describe the difference between LoadRunner and JMeter.

Difference Between LoadRunner and JMeter


JMeter is an available software testing tool, which can be just downloaded and used in the performance of testing online web applications. The Loadrunner is also a software testing tool, and it is cost-effective in nature. 


The JMeter software is integrated with Jenkins, BlazeMeter, JUnit, Maven, Visual Studio, Meliora TestLab, and other applications. The LoadRunner is also integrated with business systems and other applications. This software includes DynaTrace, SiteScope, UFT, selenium, and app dynamics.

Device Support:

JMeter is used to test performance and software testing on Windows, Linux, and web-based applications. The LoadRunner is integrated with web-based applications and provides an easy toolset for the testing process. Join FITA Academy for the best LoadRunner Training Online and learn from your home itself.


JMeter software contains multiple functionalities. This software is compatible with HTTP, HTTPS, REST, SOAP, LDAP, TCP, FTP, and utilization database. It assists with continuous testing, rigorous testing, cloud testing, and mobile testing. This software also supports a broad range of applications, for root analytics, a ser transaction, simulation, etc.


The JMeter is less effective compared with LoadRunner because the LoadRunner software has an efficient and effective graphical user interface. 


JMeter’s performance is insufficient to that of LoadRunner. This can identify small errors and bugs but it is less effective in large-scale applications. The LoadRunner is more effective and faster in catching faults in the program. It also collects the performance of system-level information.


The LoadRunner is generally used to run multiple business and software systems. It brings out supplemental components to examine the performance and statistical report. Students in Bangalore can also join LoadRunner Course in Bangalore provides more career opportunities.

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