Difference Between Java and Core Java


Java is an object-oriented and available programming language with lower performance of dependences. It is a general programming platform for the development of web applications. This programming is fast, protected, and reliable. It is broadly used for the development of applications via data centers, laptops, scientific, game consoles, Android, and other devices. If you are willing to learn this programming, Enroll at FITA Academy for the best Core Java Training in Chennai.

Core Java:

It is part of Java programming developed by Sun Microsystems. It is mainly applying for the preparation for all upcoming versions of its main program and also the collection of related technologies like Java VM, CORBA, and others. It is a component of Java programming. It is typically used for designing, developing network and web applications. Without this, there is no optimization and development of advanced programming. Here in this blog, we describe the Difference between Java and Core Java. 

Difference Between Java and Core Java:

Both programmings contain the same feature with some differences. They are in the following.

Object-Oriented Programming: 

This is a full-fledged available programming language, which encompasses multiple principles like polymorphism, data binding, and inheritance. It enables software development and innovation in the development process. FITA Academy’s Best Core Java Training in Chennai affords certification with 100% placement support.


It is an open-source programming language that identifies the majority of C C++ grammar. This is also called as subset of Java, which is broadly used to develop portable code for server and application environments. 


It is designed to be a compatible platform and to hold fewer performance necessities than other programmings. This element programming is used to build programs for desktops and system servers.


It is powerful, secure, and open-source platform. It has a huge choice for software application development in wide platforms like websites, portable devices, embedded servers, and tool settings. This application is also the same as Java programming.


It is the main element of Java programming. It is mainly designed for web application development and functions on all Java platforms without any compiler. Core Java Course in Chennai provides real-time projects with practical examples.

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