PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is an open-source scripting language suited for Web Application development. Among Web Developers, it is the most preferred programming language. To handle the frontend and backend of the websites, knowledge of the PHP framework is important.

Frameworks of PHP

Here are some of the important frameworks to facilitate web application development.

  •  Laravel
  •  Zend Framework
  •  Symfony
  •  CodeIgniter
  •  FuelPHP
  •  Cake PHP
  •  Phalcon


Laravel is a new and most popular framework in web development. It enables the common tasks for web applications such as authentication, routing, caching, queuing and sessions for the developers. It has many inbuilt features that support fast application development.

Zend framework

Zend framework is one of the most advanced frameworks in PHP. This framework is highly recommended by the developer’s community and it has a lot of components to create powerful applications. Zend framework offers a wide range of optimized features such as cryptographic coding tool, PHP Unit testing tools front-end supported drag & drop editor, and others.


The Symfony framework is used to speed up the maintenance and performance of your web applications. It offers a set of reusable code and components to the developers. This framework is commonly used by many CMS like PIWlk, Drupal, PHPBB, OROCRM, and others. PHP Training in Chennai at FITA trains the students with the recent frameworks under the guidance of working professionals.


CodeIgniter is well known for its speed and performance. It offers a set of libraries for commonly needed tasks and provides simple solutions to complex requirements. Since it has no coding tasks and zero-configuration, it is likely used among the developers. CodeIgniter is the best framework that is well documented to start with.


FuelPHP is a highly extendable framework for application development. FuelPHP not only supports MVC but also the HMVC(Hierarchical Model-View-Controller) a developed version of MVC. It is much suitable to provide end-to-end web solutions and emphasizes great security options.

Cake PHP

Cake PHP is the most popular and modern PHP framework. It is mainly used for commercial web applications. It is simple and easy to learn the framework. To keep your entire application logical and consistent, it offers organizational structure, filenames to databases, etc. Cake PHP was an unbeatable PHP framework at the early stages of the 2000s in the market.


Phalcon is comparatively different from other PHP frameworks. Its coding style is based on C and C++languages. To understand the PHP platform better, it is very much useful for the developers. Comparing to other frameworks, its performance is efficiently high to create a fast blazing website.

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