how to setup gateway in power bi


To comprehend the Power BI gateway, you must first comprehend the structure of Microsoft’s vendor-hosted Power BI service  Instead of installing application servers locally or putting an application on a cloud server, Microsoft’s Power BI service is fully managed and hosted on the Azure cloud stack. Because of this architecture, any published report that requires access to data on your local or business network will require a secure method of doing so. This is where the Power BI gateway comes into play.

The Power BI Gateway allows the Power BI service to safely access data from your network for presentation in Power BI. in this blog, let’s discuss the Data Management Gateway in Power  BI and How to set up a gateway in Power BI. if you want to learn more about Power BI then join Power BI Training in Chennai with certification and placement support for your career enhancement.

Data Management Gateway in Power BI:

The Power BI administrator is responsible for setting up three components:

  • Gateway for Data Management (DMG). This is a client agent that is installed on the local server. The DMG uses a service bus to manage data encryption, compression, and transfer. Uses a key issued by the Power BI Gateway to communicate with O365.
  • Gateway for Power BI. The Power BI Admin Center is where you set this up (in O365). Manages communication with a local server.
  • Data Source for Power BI. The Power BI Admin Center is where you set this up (in O365). Uses the Gate to connect to a database.

You have two options when creating a Data Source in the Power BI Admin Center: allow cloud access and/or build an OData feed. If cloud access is enabled, users of the Power BI app will be able to schedule data refreshes to that database. When you create an OData feed, Power Query will expose tables and views for organizational search.

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How to Set up Gateway in Power BI?

Let’s have a look at what a gateway is and how it works before we get started. You’ll need a mechanism to access your on-premises data sources to update your datasets when you produce Power BI reports based on on-premises data and publish them online. A data gateway can help you do this.

A gateway is a piece of software that functions as a link between your on-premises data sources and the cloud. You can use a data gateway to access on-premises data sources as well as schedule refreshes for datasets published to the Power BI service.

There are two ways to deploy the Power BI Gateway.

1) Data gateway on-premises:

  • This gateway can be used by numerous people with access to the server where the gateway is installed.
  • It may be used in Power BI for both scheduled refresh and live queries.
  • It also works with Microsoft Flow, PowerApps, and Logic Apps.
  • This gateway works effectively in instances when numerous persons need to access multiple data sources.

2) Personal mode on-premises data gateway:

  • Only you have access to this, and you can only use it to schedule Power BI refreshes.
  • It only allows one user to connect to sources and cannot be shared.
  • Only Power BI can use an on-premises data gateway (personal mode).
  • This gateway is ideal for situations in which you’re the only one who makes reports and doesn’t need to share any data sources.
  • PowerApps, Logic Apps, and Microsoft Flow are not supported in the Live Connection connectivity method.
  • On the same machine, you can install up to one gateway in each mode, and you can manage numerous gateways from the same interface.

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