Oracle Training in Chennai

How to Become Oracle Database Certified Expert?

Oracle Training in Chennai validates your technical skills. It not only gives you an edge over your competitor but also helps you to reach the desired position. Does the question arise on how to become an Oracle expert? The answer is to get an Associate certification, which requires the candidate to clear two examinations. With […] Read More
Azure Training in Chennai

Reasons You Should go For Microsoft Azure

The Azure Training in Chennai Program is specifically designed to help you understand the Microsoft Azure concept and the services provided on its platform. You will understand how to configure and organize web applications, and you will also learn how to create web applications. The training program helps you to master the SQL database event […] Read More
Cucumber with BDD process

Different Roles and Responsibilities in a BDD Process

Why we Should Use Cucumber in BDD Process? A cucumber is a software tool that facilitated the BDD Process. It is used to automate the documentation. It understands the documentation and turns it into an automated test. FITA Academy offers the best Cucumber BDD Online Training through industry experts. Different Roles and Responsibilities in a […] Read More

Scope of Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacking : Ethical Hacking is the best security tool, which is used by an organization or individual to help recognize the potential threats on a system. Ethical Hacking is a good career choice for freshers and professionals because every organization needs an ethical hacker to secure the company information from others. So there is […] Read More

How does English help you in real life?

Nowadays more and more people are spending time to learn the English language. Many countries add English to their school syllabus, this helps students to learn English at a younger age. If you are planning to travel around the world, learning English helps you to progress in both your professional and personal life. You can […] Read More

Career Opportunities for Robotic Process Automation

RPA is one of the popular technologies in the Artificial Intelligence field. It has attained a huge recognition and successful path in a short time. It can manage complex tasks without the intervention of human activities. This shows its ability to swap between various applications. RPA is an important trade for people in the IT […] Read More

AWS Training And Its Scope In The Future

  AWS: Amazon web service is a popular secure cloud computing platform. It offers several functions for a business to scale up and grow such as Content delivery, computing power, database storage, and various functionalities. By using AWS cloud services and products you can increase the scalability, flexibility, and reliability of your business. AWS offers […] Read More
AWS Course

Applications & Advantages of AWS Cloud

What is Amazon Web Services (AWS)? Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an acronym for Amazon Web Services. The Amazon Web Services (AWS) service is provided by Amazon, and it makes utilization of a distributed IT architecture to make various IT resources open on demand. Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and […] Read More
PLC Course in Chennai

Overview of Programmable Logic Controller(PLC)

Before PLCs were created many Automobile industries used Complex relays to control their processes. These processes are huge time-consuming, less robust, sometimes electricians would individually rewire every relay to change a production system. The development of the low-cost computer(PLC) has brought a revolution in automation. PLC Training in Chennai at FITA Academy provides the complete overview […] Read More

What is Spring Framework and how the Framework works?

What is Spring Framework and how the Framework works? Spring is a powerful application development framework, it is used for Java Enterprise Edition. This framework can support different frameworks like Struts, Tapestry and Hibernate, EJB, JSF. Here in this Article, we discuss What is Spring Framework and how the Framework works? The framework in a […] Read More