Java Course

Benefits of Learning Java Programming

Java Sun Microsystems, organized by James Gosling, invented the Java programming language, which was issued in 1995 as a core component of Sun Microsystems’ Java platform (Java 1.0 [J2SE]). This blog gives a complete understanding of Benefits of Learning Java Programming. Java is a platform as well as a programming language. Java is a high-level […] Read More

Effective skills required for a Software Tester

For developing a perfect application, Software Testing is an important process to come across. To become an expert in Software Testing, some of the effective key skills are required. Join Software Testing Training in Tambaram at FITA Academy to learn the essential concepts in Software Testing with certification. Thought Process Testing is necessary for any […] Read More

Uses Of Salesforce over other CRM tools

Salesforce  Salesforce is an important CRM Tool which is commonly called as a Customer Relationship Management Tool that provides task management and case management interfaces to handle different types of events. Salesforce provides a numerous set of services such as PaaS, SaaS, etc. Here are some of the uses of Salesforce, they are as follows: […] Read More

Types of Hackers in Ethical Hacking

Hacker A Hacker is a person who is popularly associated with the mysterious working of any operating system. A hacker tends to breakdown and bypasses any of the device measures like computers or network securities. They are often computer programmers and they have the core knowledge in programming languages and computer operating systems. There are […] Read More

Reasons why Digital Marketing is important

Digital Marketing Digital Marketing encompasses all the online businesses and services done through the internet or electronic devices such as laptops, smartphones, etc. Advertisement is delivered through digital channels like Social media, Email, Search engines, and mobile apps to connect with targeted customers. Learn Digital Marketing Course in Tambaram at FITA Academy to learn the […] Read More

Benefits of learning Python over other programming languages

Python is the object-oriented programming language that focuses on the programmer’s code readability. It is a dynamic programming language where it supports multiple paradigms. Python is used among big organizations for its unique characteristics features. Some of the benefits of python language over other programming languages are given below: Python is Easy to learn Python language […] Read More

Frameworks of PHP for Web Development

PHP PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is an open-source scripting language suited for Web Application development. Among Web Developers, it is the most preferred programming language. To handle the frontend and backend of the websites, knowledge of the PHP framework is important. Frameworks of PHP Here are some of the important frameworks to facilitate web application development. […] Read More

Five surprising facts about the German Language

Want to know about the German language? Here are some of the five surprising facts about German and they are as follows, German is the most spoken language in Europe The German language is one of the most widely spoken languages around the Globe. It is spoken by more than 100 million people in Germany, […] Read More

Data Science and its Importance

About Data Science Data Science is a domain that combines algorithms, Processes, Scientific methods and systems to deliver knowledge through various forms. Data Science leads to new insights when it is applied to different fields. Here are some of the increasing importance of DataScience. Importance of Data Science Data Science helps the companies to recognize […] Read More

Benefits of DevOps

Benefits of DevOps DevOps collaborates Development and IT operators as a team which tends to increase the performance and productivity level. It helps in developing the relationship between the customer. DevOps fasts the process of work and gives many benefits to the users and some of the main benefits of DevOps are as follows, Improved […] Read More